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& Catering Management
Take Away
Delivery Management
Counter Sales
Waiter and Table Management
Mobile/ Tab Order (KOT) Integration
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Restaurant Management System

Kafe-lite. POS system is completely integrated with the Procurement, Inventory, Recipe-management, Sales management, HR-Payroll, and Finance management system. Microsoft Technology with SQL Database. We are the best best restaurant software partner who can help you earn more and also do more.

The F & B Management Now on Wheels of Technology

F&B Management, a Cloud-based Restaurant POS System/Solution with its technological advancement, user-friendly interface, and Highly informative Functionals and MIS Reports, that let you manage & grow your business. The system is designed with a type of self-interactive function with clients’ v/s their transaction history.

This complete F&B POS is not just managing the billing but integrated with high-level functions of procurement, material management, Recipe Management, Calorie Management, and Multiple Branch operations,

It’s modified to fit the most modern requirements/challenges of this industry, along with the traditional functions of Dine-in, Table & Waiter Management, Time Management, Delivery, Take Away, Party Orders, and Catering, but with advancements in Client Self Ordering ( with Mobile/QR Code), Waiter Ordering through Mobile/Tab, Web Ordering, Delivery Management with internal and External Supply teams ( managed with a mobile app interactive with clients), integration with third-party web sales platforms/market place, etc.

Kitchen Display & Order Management

Make the Communication channel through your kitchen Display system ( TV / Tab) to track & update the orders captured through multiple channels, such as waiters ( by Tab or POS), and Clients (Mobile App / Web Order System Permitting your Kitchen Staff to track & manage the Orders by liaison with the Billing & Delivery Team.

Enhance your Order Management

Simplify your kitchen management system by adopting Finex F&B with their efficient order management system, which is directly synced with offline/ online orders.

Delivery Management

Ensure the accuracy of all orders and automatically distribute them to their designated stations with the help of the integrated Mobile App, with the feedback from the clients.

Centralized Order Management

Set up the main central order center and distribute the orders by using our intelligent distance management system from the ordered location v/s the closest branch, and re-allocation of the branch subject to the order traffic of the closest one.

Kitchen performance insights

Keep track of your kitchen’s speed of service and your staff’s performance, with the help of an intelligent KOT System

Cloud-Based Call Center

Directly take orders from your customers on the phone using our advanced call center management feature

The Best customer experience through the online Table reservation

⦁ Let your regular customers book the table online, to avoid unexpected rush during their dine-in visit.

Guest Data Management & Operation Optimization

  • Finex helps your team to perform with their best efficiency with the advanced Finex UI, which is enough intelligent to indicate/alert seamless analysis reports to serve the guests.
  • The all Operational MIS reports are generated by analyzing the automated guest data pool

Branch Order System with the Interaction Recording

Analise the order conversation skill of your branch staff, while interacting with the clients from the recorded voice, which can help the HR team to improve such skills, as well to reward them.

A Comprehensive Recipe/BOM Management and Material Planning

Fined Inventory Management system provides a best-defined Recipe/BOM Management system, and an automated material Planning by analyzing the periodical performance/Sales reports

Data Management for an Efficient Marketing

Create customer profiles to easily monitor useful insights and for a better-personalized marketing strategy

Offers and Happy Hours Management

Improve your sales during the off-peak hours with the help of automated client traffic analysis,

Staff Shift Management and Attendance

Helps to utilize the employee planning and Attendance Management

The Advanced Procurement Management System

Fined is equipped with an Advanced procurement process, integrated with store requisition, purchase requisition, GRN-Purchase, and the Import Process., supported with the support of automated Minimum/maximum/re-order level information.

An Up to moment Management Experience

The Management, where ever they are, the information is visible on their mobile with the current Table occupancy , KOT value, best-performing items, and the billed & closed checks information

  • Dine-in
  • Take Away
  • Delivery Management
  • Counter Sales
  • Waiter and Table Management
  • Mobile/ Tab Order (KOT) Integration
  • KOT
  • Party Order Management
  • Credit Sales
  • E-Commerce ( Web Sales ) Integration
  • Promotions & Offers
  • Multi Mode Settlement Types & Bill Splitting
  • Reprint Receipts
  • User-Defined Reminder Messages
  • BOM ( Recipe Management )
  • Procurement – Inventory – Store Integration
  • Finance & HR Integration
  • VAT Management
  • Gift Coupon & Loyalty Management
  • Petty Cash & Expenses Management

Optimize Seats with the best restaurant management app 

Notify guests when a booking is available, thus maximizing the revenue.

Make sure you are the first to learn so that you are the first to take action with the most secure, connected and supported software for the service and restaurant industries.

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Allow your casual, fast-food chain to achieve success with our restaurant table management system and connect your kitchen, front of the house as well as the back of the house and HQ to a single platform which is included with kitchen management software and all information stored in a single database. You will have a clear view of your entire enterprise to optimize production and streamline innovation.

Control your Restaurant

  • Maintain control over the entire restaurant from the headquarters using an open source restaurant management system.
  • Get a live overview of the inventory levels, POS system for restaurants, and sales employees across all your places.
  • Update menus recipes, dishes, and prices at all points of contact.
  • inbuilt feature of creating offers, deals and promotions at headquarters and measuring their impact are some of the restaurant management systems.
  • Review sales, revenue and efficiency at an overall and fine-grained level with advanced analytics.
  • Set up new locations quickly The IT setups are centralized.

Reduce costs and waste

Eliminate unnecessary expenses and time wasted.

  • Make sure you order the right quantity of stocks.
  • Utilize your ingredients in a way that is efficient and reduces the amount of waste and spoilage.
  • Cut down on the costs of staff training through an easy-to-use interface.
  • Create a budget-friendly workforce.
  • Increase the number of customers served by speedy ordering and payment.
  • Improve productivity by 40 per cent by configuring your POS to mirror your menu.

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Ideal for:

  • Restaurant enterprises running Dynamics 365 ERP
  • Chains of restaurants that require restaurant software and ERP
  • Large QSRs and speedy loose chain stores and franchises
  • Catering companies, cafes, pubs, food service chains

Increase customer loyalty

Provide excellent service and earn your customers’ trust and repeat business.

  • Pay quickly for orders and instalments
  • Complete information on the POS.
  • Quick services: the orders will be shipped straight from the best pos system for restaurants directly onto the kitchen.
  • Cross-selling and up-selling ideas at POS.
  • Home delivery, take away, curbside pickup.
  • Integration out of the box online order.
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